The Deslandes Flour Mill

At La Terrasse restaurant in Bayeux, we care about the quality of the products we provide our customers, as well as their taste. We have therefore selected products from the Deslandes flour mill to prepare the dough for our home-made pizzas.

The Deslandes flour mill in Saint-Pierre-du-Regard, Orne, was founded in 1890 by former baker Adolphe Deslandes, and is a family-run business. It is located on the site of a historic mill, of which all that remains are old wooden beams dating back to the old spinning mill well before the 19th century. It is the last mill in the bocage that still produces 100% Norman flour to supply bakers throughout Normandy.

The Deslandes flour mill has been family-run for over 130 years, transforming the best wheat from a rigorous selection process into top-quality flour. The independent mill of yesteryear has passed through the generations, adapting to technical progress and consumer demand to offer ever more innovative quality products, such as organic flours produced from wheat grown without synthetic fertilisers and preserved without pesticides.