Alain Chartier

Our restaurant La Terrasse is on rue Alain-Chartier in Bayeux, but who was this famous figure from medieval times, whose name is still borne by a college and lycée in Bayeux?

Alain Chartier, born around 1385 in Bayeux, was not just an ordinary poet, but a leading figure on the French political scene in the 15th century.

He is renowned for his literary works, which reflect the society and politics of his time. The popular poem “La Belle Dame sans Merci”, is an excellent example of his skill in courtly love and love laments.

In addition to his exceptional poetic skills, Alain Chartier was also a respected adviser and diplomat. He served as secretary to King Charles VI, as well as an outstanding ambassador to Venice.

Alain Chartier’s literary works were not limited to poetry. The “Quadrilogue invectif” and “Le Livre des quatre dames” are political and philosophical works that criticise the incompetence and corruption of government. These works have influenced political thinkers for many centuries.

Today, Alain Chartier’s contributions to French literature and politics are celebrated around the world, and his poetry and literary works continue to inspire many readers.